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Mission Increase UK offers teaching and coaching at no cost to faith-based charities who are building and serving the Kingdom.

Meet the Team

Mission Increase (MI) UK is a community of Christian ministries working to implement a biblical approach to fundraising to grow and more fully-achieve their God-given missions. What do we want FOR the UK as a result? An “overflowing in many expressions of thanks to God.” (2 Corinthians 9:12-NIV). Funded by givers from this community, MI UK is able to offer teaching, coaching, consulting, and even matching grants, all at no cost to ministries.



More events coming soon.


Champion-Hosted Micro-Events

Gather with your peers at this Mission Increase workshop to learn how micro-events can leverage existing relationships to foster community, multiplying your efforts in the cause of Christ. This workshop will benefit your team, and everyone involved in designing events and coaching your champions.

April 16 London,
April 18 Virtual, Hampshire

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We are excited to share with you how being a part of the Mission Increase UK community can help your organisation fulfil its God-given mission and increase Kingdom impact.