We help nonprofits fulfill their God-given mission and increase their Kingdom impact.

Our Approach

Mission Increase helps nonprofits increase their Kingdom impact by providing a coach, a community, and a collection of resources.


A Mission Increase (MI) Area Director (AD) is a personalized coach and trainer embedded in a local community. ADs conduct quarterly workshops and webinars on a variety of important topics, with significant emphasis on fundraising. Nonprofit leaders can receive one-on-one and group coaching to address specific organizational needs or concerns related to MI’s teaching topics.


The presence of an MI Community and the presence of an embedded AD serve as a convening mechanism for faith-based nonprofit leaders. Ministry leaders around the country share the value of learning together and experiencing personal growth through the giving and receiving of coaching that emerges in community. Become a part of a local MI community to experience personal growth through the giving and receiving of coaching that emerges through community.

Collection of Resources

Mission Increase ADs are equipped with hundreds of fundraising tools to help you build a major gifts program, design events aimed at acquiring new givers, communicate effectively, and lead your ministry well. Templates, scripts, toolkits, devotionals, manuals, and ministry examples are just some of the myriad of tools we have to help you get ready for tomorrow’s meeting, launch a new fundraising campaign, and train your board or host a catalytic fundraising dinner. Select ministries are also awarded outcomes-based matching grants.

By participating with Mission Increase, ministry leaders can expect to grow in:

Improved fundraising practices

Improved fundraising practices

As leaders who implement successful fundraising acquisition and retention strategies through transformational communication.

Organizational health

Organizational health

As strategic and servant-hearted leaders who maintain a healthy fundraising plan and budget.

Donor development

Donor development

As steadfast leaders who prioritize lifelong learning in the practice of developing donors who celebrate generosity.

An Ethos of generosity

An Ethos of generosity

As collaborative leaders who minister from a mindset of abundance while cultivating a culture of cooperation among other organizations.

A Christ-centered life

A Christ-centered life

As intentional, Kingdom-focused leaders who prioritize making disciples through a prayerful approach to the cause and their community.

Kingdom Impact: Accelerated

As the landscape of nonprofit challenges continues to evolve, Mission Increase recognizes the growing complexity of core organizational needs. While our comprehensive support aims to bolster capacity for serving with greater efficiency and impact, Mission Accelerate stands as our consulting arm, specifically designed to accelerate your kingdom impact and organization’s growth. This is accomplished through tailored and customized consulting engagements in the areas of organizational consulting and marketing services. Click the link to discover how Mission Accelerate can empower your ministry to thrive in today’s dynamic environment.

What Our Ministry Leaders Say:

We Provide You With a Fundraising Coach

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Mission Increase Area Directors (ADs) are Christ-centered coaches ready to guide ministry leaders in fundraising, leadership, communication, and the pursuit of organizational health. ADs understand the frustrations and struggles that can come with the work and believe that no one should have to experience fundraising as an obligation, rather it can be a great ministry opportunity.

For over 20 years, our team of skillful and trained ADs have walked alongside thousands of ministry leaders just like you; guiding and equipping them with the practical skills and biblically-based giving principles to not only raise more money, but have more impact, and grow the people God brought to their organization.

Step-by-step with Mission Increase

Thanks to the generosity of Christ-centered donors, Mission Increase is able to provide these services at no charge to ministry leaders. Your investment comes in the currencies of time, curiosity, and practice.

Minimal Access

Access to these benefits:
  • Limited free resources
  • Follow us on social media
  • Attend webinars


Greater Access

Explore level benefits +

  • Attend workshops
  • Attend book studies
  • Attend in-person events
  • Add board members and staff to your account to learn as a team
  • Request any of our tools from your AD
  • Access online courses


Full Access

Learn level benefits +

  • Group Coaching
  • One-on-one coaching with an AD
  • Meaningful growth data and trends
Ministry Accounts can be upgraded from Teaching Accounts to Coaching Accounts for full access once the initial account is created and a relationship with an AD has been established.

Learning Events & Nonprofit Resources

Mission Increase offers quarterly workshops and webinars to help nonprofit leaders build a major gifts program, design events aimed at acquiring new givers, communicate effectively and lead your ministry well. Additionally, our Area Directors are equipped with a library of fundraising tools to help you get ready for tomorrow’s meeting, launch a new fundraising campaign, train your board, or host a catalytic fundraising dinner.


More events coming soon.


Champion-Hosted Micro-Events

Gather with your peers at this Mission Increase workshop to learn how micro-events can leverage existing relationships to foster community, multiplying your efforts in the cause of Christ. This workshop will benefit your team, and everyone involved in designing events and coaching your champions.

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Transformational Giving: Experience Fundraising as a Joyful Calling Northwest Ohio Launch

Are you struggling with a lack of resources to do the work God’s called you to? God’s given your organization a big vision for impact, yet it can be frustrating to not know where to find the money or the people to do the work. But it doesn’t have to be hard any longer. For over two decades, Mission Increase (MI) has been helping ministry leaders across the country learn a better way to raise money. 

Thanks to generous givers, a new Mission Increase community is coming to Northwest Ohio at no cost to you! We’ll provide you with a coach, community and a collection of Biblically-based resources to help you experience fundraising as a joyful calling. Visit our website at missionincrease.org/northwest-ohio to learn more and register for our upcoming launch event on May 30. 

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Create Fundraising Campaigns that Inspire Champions to Action

Are you ready to elevate your ministry’s fundraising efforts and engage your community in a more profound way? This transformative Q3 workshop is designed to equip you with the biblical principles, strategic insights, and hands-on practical tools needed to design and execute an effective fundraising campaign.

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Strategic Planning: More details coming soon!

More details to come regarding the fall workshop on strategic planning.

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The Mission Increase Program






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Champion Relationships


Champion Vision Events

Champion Hosted Micro-Events



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Leadership and Culture

Developing Healthy Boards

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