Helping our nonprofits grow. By offering – at no cost to them – teaching and coaching rooted in a biblical approach to fundraising, strategic planning, and leadership.

Mission Increase (MI) San Diego is a learning community of nonprofits working to implement a biblical approach to fundraising, leadership and best-practices. We believe that as we grow together, and encourage one another, we will all more fully-achieve our vision for transformation of our city, and beyond. Funded by givers from our community, MI San Diego offers teaching, coaching, and even matching grants, all at no cost to nonprofits. At MI we believe that “our fruit grows on other people’s trees.”



Leveraging AI for Impact and Growth

This webinar will be offered across all MI communities.
As nonprofit leaders, we are often asked to do more with less. We dedicate ourselves to solving the world's biggest and most complex problems, yet we all too often face limited resources, limited staff, and limited time. Leveraging the tools of AI, leaders of nonprofits have unprecedented opportunities to create impact, multiply resources, and pioneer breakthrough innovation. Our guest and Founder of Imago Consulting Dave Raley will unpack the different types of Artificial Intelligence and show how you can leverage AI in your work.

May 1 Virtual, OR


Champion-Hosted Micro-Events

Gather with your peers at this Mission Increase workshop to learn how micro-events can leverage existing relationships to foster community, multiplying your efforts in the cause of Christ. This workshop will benefit your team, and everyone involved in designing events and coaching your champions.

April 24 San Diego, CA
April 25 Carlsbad, CA
April 26 La Jolla, CA

Fundraising Campaigns: More details coming soon!

More details to come regarding the summer workshop on Fundraising Campaigns. 

July 17 San Diego, CA
July 24 Carlsbad, CA
July 25 La Jolla, CA

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We're excited to share with you how being a part of the Mission Increase San Diego community can help your organization fulfill its God-given mission and increase Kingdom impact.