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Telling Your Nonprofit’s Story

In this webinar, we will explore the art and science of telling great stories and how you can leverage your story to engage champions. You’ll learn tips for crafting your nonprofit’s core story, the elements of a great story, best practices for capturing and tracking stories from the field that will inspire your givers.

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Sharing Your Story

Matching Gifts for Growth

Learn how to leverage matching gifts to increase giving of current champions and acquiring new champions. Learn how, when and from who to ask for matching gifts. Leaders will understand the fiduciary responsibilities related to tracking and managing matching gifts.

Understanding High Capacity Givers

Build confidence and loyalty in all your champions, understand what many givers are looking for, and know the next step to personally connect with your givers.

Successful SPP’s: Give Your Champions Something to Do

Using Signature Participation Projects to equip champions to recruit others to the cause.

SPP Idea Starter Kit
Leverage your SPP

Recruiting Board Members: Leveraging the 4 Phases of Board Recruitment

Board governance experts John Pearson and Mike Pate guide you in the critical process of spiritually discerning the criteria for effective board members; where to find them; and how to thoughtfully recruit and inspire women and men for the sacred task of stewarding your ministry.

Why Donors Should Give: Building Your Case for Support

Discover what it takes to write a compelling case for support that aligns with your God-given vision.

Major Gift Lifecycle: Preparation, Discernment and Follow-up

Tara Andersen, MI Orange County Area Director and Andy Weigel, MI Inland Valleys Local Advisory Board Chair talking about their experience in making the ask and being on the receiving end of the ask. This time will prove to be insightful as Tara and Andy share their personal experiences – what works and what doesn’t work.

Mission Drift

Mission drift happens, and it can happen in your ministry. The nonprofit landscape is littered with organizations like ChildFund and Harvard University that no longer embrace the Christian principles on which they were founded. But, there are things you can do to prevent drift. What are the characteristics and strategies of organizations that remain mission true?

Your Message Matters: Ministry via Mass Communication

You CAN coach and minister to givers through mass communication channels like newsletters, direct mail, email, even social media. To do this, be sure your message matches God’s heart for people to participate in His work more than your desire for their money.

Unlocking the Mystery: The Major Gifts Meeting

Asking champions for gifts isn’t a natural conversation. We know even the best major gifts strategy will fall flat if we never sit down and ask. What’s stopping us?

Transformational Giving: We have Questions, We Have Answers

Transformational Giving applies God’s Word to every aspect of fundraising. But does it work? Hear from several leaders whose organizations have seen the fruit of implementing the principles of Transformational Giving.

Mastering the Art and Skill of the Written Ask

How would your fundraising communications be different if you knew how to craft an ask with joy and confidence instead of fear and dread? In this webinar, we show how your asks can invite champions to put their resources to work for the Kingdom.

Develop Your Development Department

Gain practical wisdom in crafting a realistic plan to staff your development department, while avoiding the costly mistakes common to many nonprofits.

Development Department Resource

Transforming Your Donor Database: From Data File to Donor Scrapbook

Your data is a key tool for helping you develop, nurture and strengthen relationships with your champions.

Choosing your CRM