Upcoming Workshops


Communicating with Monthly Givers

Too often, organizations create monthly giving programs but fail to consider how they will communicate with givers who have signed up. A thoughtful and intentional strategy is key to nurturing long-term relationships. This workshop will offer you engaging discussion, practical resources, and on-the-spot practice.

July 18 Seneca, SC
July 18 Webster, TX
July 19 Longwood, FL
July 19 Tuscaloosa, AL
July 19 Independence , OH
July 19 Columbus, OH
July 19 North Richland Hills, TX
July 20 Santa Ana, CA
July 20 Tualatin, OR
July 20 Memphis, TN
July 20 Mountain Brook, AL
July 20 Springfield, OH
July 20 Indianapolis, IN
July 25 Spartanburg, SC
July 25 Vancouver, WA
July 25 Houston, TX
July 26 Irvine, CA
July 26 Rialto, CA
July 26 Orlando, FL
July 26 Lakeland, FL
July 26 Houston, TX
July 26 Hudson, OH
July 27 Greenville, SC
July 27 Orlando, FL
July 27 Salem, OR
July 27 St. Petersburg, FL
July 27 Houston, TX
July 27 Memphis, TN
July 27 Montgomery, AL
July 27 Anywhere, OK
July 27 Chattanooga, TN
July 28 Anywhere, IN
July 31 Anywhere, OH
August 2 Riverside, CA
August 2 Beaverton, OR
August 2 Anywhere, OR
August 2 Chattanooga, TN
August 2 Anywhere, AR
August 3 Newbury Park, CA
August 3 Southaven, MS
August 4 Sandy Springs, GA
August 8 Alpharetta, GA
August 9 Ventura, CA
August 15 Anywhere, OR
August 15 Johns Creek, GA
August 15 Hendersonville, TN
August 15 Anywhere, AR
August 17 Columbia, SC
August 17 Brentwood, TN
August 22 Anywhere, GA
August 22 Murfreesboro, TN
August 24 Coral Gables, FL
August 24 Nashville, TN
September 6 Anywhere, AR

Annual Fundraising Plans

A fundraising plan illustrates how an organization will raise the money it plans to spend. It is the backbone for all fundraising work, it is critical to do it thoughtfully and intentionally. This Mission Increase learning series will help you create a plan that is tailor-made for the size and season of your organization. Board members and staff are encouraged to participate this learning series together to maximize this learning opportunity for creating an effective fundraising plan.

November 2 Newbury Park, CA
November 8 Ventura, CA