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Unlock the Power of a Major Gifts Plan

Asking the right person, for the right gift, at the right time takes careful consideration and planning. This requires meeting with givers and building relationships. This requires a system to track data and next steps. Gather with peers in ministry for hands-on practice learning how a major gifts plan is a critical piece to your fundraising strategy.   

February 7 Anywhere, CA
February 7 Anywhere,
February 8 Ventura, CA
February 8 Anywhere, OR
February 8 Hudson, OH
February 9 Anywhere, OK
February 9 Santa Ana, CA
February 9 Indianapolis, IN
February 9 Anywhere,
February 9 Anywhere, SC
February 14 Anywhere, AR
February 15 Houston, TX
February 15 Kentwood , MI
February 16 Anywhere, MI
February 16 Columbia, SC
February 17 Anywhere, IN
February 21 Webster, TX
February 23 Anywhere, AZ
February 23 Anywhere, AR
March 1 Kihei, HI

Acquire New Champions through Large Scale Events

Intentional new-giver strategies are essential for nonprofit growth. Fundraising events play a significant role in connecting new givers to the cause, not to mention have substantial benefit on an organization’s bottom line. Over the past two decades, Mission Increase’s Events Manual has helped thousands of leaders invite new people, raise money, grow existing champions and build community through inspiring fundraising dinners. This learning series will walk through a proven model for fundraising events.

March 29 Longwood, FL
March 30 Orlando, FL
April 18 Hendersonville, TN
April 18 Seneca, SC
April 19 Vancouver, WA
April 20 Brentwood, TN
April 20 Tualatin, OR
April 25 Murfreesboro, TN
April 25 Spartanburg, SC
April 25 Beaverton, OR
April 26 Irvine, CA
April 27 Santa Ana, CA
April 27 Nashville, TN
April 27 Murrieta, CA
April 27 Greenville, SC
April 27 Salem, OR
May 2 Anywhere, CA
May 4 Newbury Park, CA
May 10 Ventura, CA
May 10 Anywhere, OR
May 11 Anywhere, OK

Increasing Sustainability Through Monthly Giving

A vibrant monthly giving program is essential to the long-term health and stability of your organization. It allows organizations to have sustainable capital to impact their cause and grow with champions being more poised to take the next step. This Mission Increase learning series will walk you through setting up or reinvigorating your own monthly giving program.  With practical resources and on-the-spot brainstorming, we’ll explore best practices and a simple process for building and growing your monthly giving program. 

August 3 Newbury Park, CA
August 9 Ventura, CA

Annual Fundraising Plans

A fundraising plan illustrates how an organization will raise the money it plans to spend. It is the backbone for all fundraising work, it is critical to do it thoughtfully and intentionally. This Mission Increase learning series will help you create a plan that is tailor-made for the size and season of your organization. Board members and staff are encouraged to participate this learning series together to maximize this learning opportunity for creating an effective fundraising plan.

November 2 Newbury Park, CA
November 8 Ventura, CA