Upcoming Workshops


Champion-Hosted Micro-Events

Gather with your peers at this Mission Increase workshop to learn how micro-events can leverage existing relationships to foster community, multiplying your efforts in the cause of Christ. This workshop will benefit your team, and everyone involved in designing events and coaching your champions.

May 29 Newbury Park, CA

Transformational Giving: Experience Fundraising as a Joyful Calling Northwest Ohio Launch

Are you struggling with a lack of resources to do the work God’s called you to? God’s given your organization a big vision for impact, yet it can be frustrating to not know where to find the money or the people to do the work. But it doesn’t have to be hard any longer. For over two decades, Mission Increase (MI) has been helping ministry leaders across the country learn a better way to raise money. 

Thanks to generous givers, a new Mission Increase community is coming to Northwest Ohio at no cost to you! We’ll provide you with a coach, community and a collection of Biblically-based resources to help you experience fundraising as a joyful calling. Visit our website at missionincrease.org/northwest-ohio to learn more and register for our upcoming launch event on May 30. 

May 30 Toledo, OH

Create Fundraising Campaigns that Inspire Champions to Action

Are you ready to elevate your ministry’s fundraising efforts and engage your community in a more profound way? This transformative Q3 workshop is designed to equip you with the biblical principles, strategic insights, and hands-on practical tools needed to design and execute an effective fundraising campaign.

July 9 London,
July 10 Longwood, FL
July 11 Orlando, FL
July 11 Virtual, Hampshire
July 11 Springfield, OH
July 16 Hendersonville, TN
July 16 Bowling Green, OH
July 17 Orlando, FL
July 17 Virtual, OR
July 17 Virtual, CO
July 17 Virtual, MO
July 17 San Diego, CA
July 18 Tualatin, OR
July 18 Virtual, OK
July 18 Brentwood, TN
July 18 Tampa, FL
July 23 Beaverton, OR
July 23 Virtual, OR
July 23 Spartanburg, SC
July 23 Virtual, CO
July 23 Virtual, MO
July 23 Murfreesboro, TN
July 23 Sarasota, FL
July 24 Hudson, OH
July 24 Columbus, OH
July 25 Salem, OR
July 25 Greenville, SC
July 25 Carlsbad, CA
July 25 Louisville, KY
July 25 Nashville, TN
July 25 Holland, OH
July 25 St. Petersburg, FL
July 26 La Jolla, CA
July 26 Sandy Springs, GA
July 29 Virtual, TN
July 30 Seneca, SC
July 30 Independence , OH
July 30 Toledo, OH
July 31 Vancouver, WA
August 1 Lexington , KY
August 6 Lexington , KY
August 6 Alpharetta, GA
August 14 Johns Creek, GA
August 15 Columbia, SC
August 15 Virtual, GA
September 4 Coral Gables, FL
September 5 Palmetto Bay, FL

Strategic Planning: More details coming soon!

More details to come regarding the fall workshop on strategic planning.

October 15 Seneca, SC
October 22 Spartanburg, SC
October 24 Greenville, SC
November 21 Columbia, SC