Discover Your Kingdom Assignment

This group study workshop focuses on the intersection of the spiritual lives of five men who helped shape America in the 19th and 20th century. The 2012 History Channel’s mini docudrama series called, The Men Who Built America, was the catalyst that inspired author, Randy Butler to better understand how God, the Church, and personal pastors impacted the lives of Cornelius Vanderbilt, John D. Rockefeller, John Pierpont Morgan, Andrew Carnegie and Henry Ford.

Participants will engage in nine sessions that provide opportunity for a lifestyle of greater transformation. You will experience teaching from God’s Word, be invited into times of prayer, and hear inspired stories and fellowship around vital questions with like-minded people.

This workbook also includes the template to help create your own Kingdom Business Plan and a three-year devotional guide that will lead each participant on a journey toward greater transformational living.

The Industrialists

Group Bible Study


  • Nine sessions of Bible Study content
  • Video teaching featuring Randy Butler
  • Instructions for planning and hosting a Transformational Living event for your group
  • Devotional guide for ongoing study and application


  • Discover your assignment in God’s kingdom work 
  • Explore God’s pattern of using ordinary people to accomplish extraordinary things
  • Learn about how faith motivated five fathers of American industry 
  • Instructions for planning and hosting a Transformational Living event for your group
  • Adjust your life in light of God’s provision 



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About the Author

Picture of Randy Butler

Randy Butler

Randy Butler is the Senior Vice President of Curriculum Development & Design, oversees the process of creating, designing, and delivering our content at Mission Increase. He also brings a wealth of experience in bringing the local church and local non-profits together to improve a community. Randy has been a longtime champion, advocate, and prayer supporter of Mission Increase.

Companion Workbook

The Bible states in I Corinthians 3:9“For we are God’s fellow workers.  You are God’s field, God’s building.”  

There is a genuine felt need to shepherd people of means who are often times isolated by their wealth.  This Transformational Living series is highly relational, built on trust, and built from the word of God.  This four-part series is wholistic, unique, and inclusive.

Transformational Living is intended to inspire, encourage, and bless people. This maximizes their role with humanity, as transformers for Jesus, for the kingdom of God and all to the glory of God.

The Documentary that Inspired the Group Study

The Men Who Built America

Watch Full Episodes from the History Channel

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