Thinking Strategically for Kingdom Impact Post-Workshop Resources



Prayer and Discernment
Guide for establishing prayer and discernment phase of strategic planning.

Set Up for Success

Assembling the Team
Preparation worksheet for strategic planning process includes questions about timeframe, internal and external team and possible consultants.

Mission & Vision

So That…
Fill in the blank worksheet for writing a So That chain – with example from Nehemiah.

What Aren’t We Doing?
A guide to consider what you’re dreaming about, how you can expand, or what feels unfinished.

Kingdom Impact

Picture the Graduate
Worksheet for diagramming a vision of a graduate of your program.


Current Realities

Environmental Scan
A worksheet designed to help you consider all the external and internal, direct and indirect influences on your work and how you can leverage them.

Stakeholder Interview
Template of questions for use with stakeholders to glean their insight that may confirm what you’re already thinking or expose your new opportunities for consideration.

Current Realities

SWOT Template
Framework for analyzing strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.

Logic Model
Theory of Change/Logic Model template divided into your planned work and your intended results; subcategories of inputs, activities, outputs, outcomes, impacts (with definitions).

Funding our Work

Annual Fundraising Plan Site
A comprehensive 8 step plan template, as well as a complete example and step-by-step videos.

Password: mission


Identify Gaps

Writing Objectives
Worksheet with formula for writing measurable objectives.

Action Plan Template
An excel template designed to organize an action plan to accomplish objectives.

Way Forward

Strategic Plan Template
7-part strategic plan template with a one-page template.

Sample Strategic Planning Retreat
Sample 3-part agenda for use during a 1-2 day strategic planning retreat.


Objectives Evaluation
A worksheet to be used in correlation with your logic model to articulate the evidence of outcomes and find ways to measure it.

Example Logic Model with Evaluation
Example logic model template from Nonprofit Works that includes an evaluation section.

Discernment Filter-Project Idea
A worksheet designed to prompt thinking about project readiness, alignment to core purpose and support needed to execute the project.

Project Readiness Checklist
Readiness assessment divided into 3 categories of mission/goals, budget, approvals/plans.

Internal Campaign Preparedness Assessment
Assessment survey divided into four sections: case for support, leadership, PEO indicators and financial indicators.


Strategic Planning Legend
Glossary of key strategic planning terms including mission, vision, Kingdom impact, outputs and outcomes.

Case for Support
Case statement worksheet in four steps including cause, organization, impact, invitation. Fill in the blank style.

Project Case for Support
Case statement worksheet adapted for a specific project. Adapted sections include “problem that remains” and “vision to fix it.”

Hope International Strategic Plan External Communication Example
An example of an external strategic plan communication piece.

Strategic Planning Glossary of Terms