MI’s program teaches ministries to embrace and deploy a biblical approach to fundraising

…so that ministries are more fully achieving their God-given missions and engaging more of God’s people in the work
…so that communities are transformed and more lives are transformed for Christ.

“MI stokes the fire. It’s essential to keep ourselves fueled and aflame”

About Our Program

In each MI community across the United States, MI offers a comprehensive and no-cost training curriculum on essential fundraising topics. Whether in workshops, group coaching, or one-to-one consulting with ministries

MI helps ministries understand that biblical fundraising is an opportunity to minister to givers, inviting them to connect with the work God is doing and be transformed in the process.



Through quarterly workshops and webinars, MI offers a practical, biblically-based fundraising curriculum covering topics such as acquisition, major gifts, ministry communications, ministry leadership, and more.


Through group and individual coaching, MI staff members work directly with ministry leaders, addressing particular organizational needs or concerns related to MI’s teaching topics.


Each MI Area Director provides one-to-one consulting to a select group of ministries; offering a more comprehensive and in-depth look at ministry and fundraising operations. Consulting is done by invitation from the Area Director and is offered free-of-charge.


MI also uses matching grants as a tool in consulting. With matching grants, MI invites ministries to continue building their fundraising capacity by giving them a matching grant based on the skills they are learning through consulting. If awarded a grant, the ministry is required to raise matching funds in an amount at least equal to the grant, creating greater leverage and multiplying the impact well beyond the initial grant. Most succeed. In fact, the average amount of matching funds is more than four times the amount of the foundation grant.