The goal of Mission Accelerate is to help ministries grow and increase their financial, cultural, and eternal impact of their work, by applying skills in the dynamics of leader and team development, problem solving, planning and scalability.

Our Work

How We Engage

Mission Accelerate assists non-profit organizations achieve higher levels of competence, skill acquisition, and growth, as well as measure the impact of their work. Our work focuses on four Foundational Pillars:

• Hiring and Leader/Team Development
• Problems to Solve and Opportunities to Advance
• Financial Stability and Sustainability (linked to Mission Increase)
• Scalability (getting from “here,” the current state; to “there,” the desired vision) through Strategic Execution Planning

Upon gaining a better understanding of the Leader, the Leadership Team, and the Vision of the Organization, a tailored plan is developed to address the present needs, while at the same time charting a course for the future of the organization. Our partnering framework for engagement is comprised of:

• A dedicated Relationship Manager
• A minimum of four hours of consulting/coaching each month
• Review and advancement of relational and organizational health
• Strategic thinking/planning

Staff Bios

  • Curt Brown
    Curt Brown
  • David Brownlee
    David Brownlee
  • Kristina Barry
    Kristina Barry
    Program Coordinator
  • Judy King
    Judy King
  • Mary Jo Pennino
    Mary Jo Pennino
  • Kim A. Seebach
    Kim A. Seebach
  • John Curtis
    John Curtis

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