The goal of Mission Accelerate is to help ministries grow and increase their financial, cultural, and eternal impact of their work, by applying skills in the dynamics of leader and team development, problem solving, planning and scalability.

Mission Accelerate, the fee-based Consulting arm of Mission Increase, was formed in 2020 and exists to help our ministry partners grow and increase the financial, cultural, and eternal impact of their work. We do this by applying skills in the focus categories of leader/team development, problem solving/decision making, strategic planning and scalability, and financial sustainability. Our aim is to deliver our consulting services in the same “too good to be true” manner as our Mission Increase core curriculum content. While the engagement is not free, the consulting services provided at below market rates with no compromise to the excellence or quality of the services. We also rely on the same Transformational Giving principles deployed in Mission Increase’s core curriculum so ministries will not have to translate outside consultant language, techniques, or tools to comport with the guiding principles of their fundraising strategy. 

We’re building on over 20 years of helping ministries grow through teaching & coaching and now we’re inviting you, every ministry in our Mission Increase communities, to take advantage of our consulting services at Mission Accelerate.

To get started, we invite you take our free Needs Assessment. Upon completing the free Needs Assessment, we will provide a free, 60-minute assessment review call with a Mission Accelerate Consultant and your Area Director. Reach out to the MA team to get started!

David Brownlee 
President, Mission Accelerate

Are you struggling with not leading your team well?

Are there difficult relationships that you are trying to manage within your board? 

Are there areas that you feel stuck in trying to achieve your vision? 

Do you have questions about how to get to the next level of impact? 

How to get involved:

Take a free Needs Assessment

Schedule a complimentary review call

Work with a Mission Accelerate Consultant to create a personalized path forward

“Curt Brown and Mary Jo Pennino, our Mission Accelerate “teammates,” have lovingly guided and coached our paid and volunteer leaders through 6 or 7 foundational projects and vital decisions. With a high degree of professional skill and personal engagement, they are helping us mature to a place where we have clarified and focused on our vision and mission. As an enthusiastic ENFP, I only know one way to express myself. They are AWESOME! We have thrived in a highly challenging season. God has used them exquisitely in our journey.”
Fitz Conner Pastor, First Presbyterian Church (Tampa, FL)

Focus Categories:

* Hiring & Leader Team Development 

* Strategic Planning & Scalability

* Financial Stability & Sustainability

* Problems to Solve & Obstacles to Overcome

* MI Concentrated