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Mission Increase Foundation draws upon a wealth of nonprofit experience to work directly with CEOs, board members, and the fundraising staff of ministries that are seeking to grow their organization. Our efforts are centered around two key components: training and matching cash grants.


Mission Increase Foundation seeks to increase the mission of all nonprofits by teaching our Transformational Giving principles free of charge. We offer a combination of small workshops and seminars on multiple topics, as well as personal consultations to train ministries on a wide range of nonprofit organizational issues. Our Transformational Giving curriculum centers around practical approaches to fundraising topics such as how to:

  • Create clear development plans
  • Acquire new donors
  • Create and implement fundraising event programs
  • Create a major gifts program
  • Grow a fundraising board
  • Learn better development practices
  • Become effective stewards
  • More deeply involve donors in the ministry

Training Guidelines

To participate in our training workshops, ministries must create a ministry account (a brief registration form) and complete a ministry training profile regarding basic organizational categories.

While many nonprofits may not qualify for a matching cash grant from Mission Increase Foundation, they regularly attend our training. They find the value and practical impact of Mission Increase Foundation’s training far exceeds the dollar value of a cash grant. In fact, many have told us they benefited more from the training grants than their initial expectation of receiving a cash grant.


Matching Cash Grants

Mission Increase Foundation cash grant process is by invitation only. As ministries grow through training, they may receive an invitation from Mission Increase Foundation to apply for matching cash grant. We value requests that help ministries learn new fundraising practices, improve existing fundraising practices or to hire development staff.

Mission Increase Foundation generally funds agencies that are smaller in size that would struggle to afford consulting. We fund ministries with annual budgets over $100,000 and under $2 million.

Our recipients have included homes for unwed mothers, rescue missions, youth services, women’s and children’s services, and other Christian ministries sharing the love of Christ through their words and deeds.

Matching Cash Grant Guidelines

  • Mission Increase Foundation only provides matching grants to Christian nonprofits that have a strong Christian focus. The ministry must be involved in evangelism, and serve the poor or populations at risk.
  • Mission Increase Foundation only gives grants to 501(c)3 ministries residing in the United Sates who have been in operation for a minimum of two years. Our target recipients are predominantly in the Western United States. Ministries under the 501(c)3 umbrella of a church do not qualify.
  • All Mission Increase Foundation grants are matching grants. Recipients must raise the approved amount and submit a complete matching grant report before Mission Increase Foundation will distribute the cash grant.

Grant Types

Mission Increase considers grant requests that help ministries learn new fundraising practices, improve existing fundraising practices or to hire development staff.

Mission Increase Foundation funds:

  • Requests for donor acquisition programs
  • Requests for fundraising events
  • Requests to hire fundraising staff

Mission Increase Foundation does not fund:

  • Start-up costs. (Ministries must have a two year history to be eligible to apply.)
  • Loans or debt retirement
  • Scholarships, endowments
  • Pass-through funding
  • Support for individuals or churches

Mission Increase Foundation rarely funds:

  • Capital Improvements
  • Requests from schools


Mission Increase Foundation also works to achieve leveraged impact through donor partnerships. We partner with donors so they can bring this same type of granting and training to their community. We provide all of the resources including the training modules, grantee due-diligence processes and more, so local donors can achieve similar results through their giving and bring greater transformation to their communities.