What do I do if I forget my username or password?

Record this information and keep it in a safe place when you create your Account! If you misplace it, contact your Area Director by email or phone and request the information be emailed to you.

Who is the ‘primary contact’ and how do I change it if needed?

The primary contact is the person who manages your ministry’s online Account and has rights to add/edit and view all data. S/he may also create contact records for other individuals affiliated with your organization to attend MIF training. To change the primary contact, you will need to have permission provided by the initial Primary Contact or your Area Director. To change it:

  • Sign into your account using your user name and password
  • Click on the Ministry Contacts link on the gray toolbar on the left of your Account.
  • Locate the ‘Primary Contact’ heading at the top of the grid then click on the Make Primary link located next to the correct name.

What if somebody new from my ministry wants to attend a workshop?

  • Sign into your account using your user name and password
  • You will see a gray toolbar on the left which says ‘Manage Ministry Account’
  • Click on ‘Ministry Contacts’ link
  • Click on red ‘Create New Contact’ link
  • Add info for new Contact

When asked for my email address, it says it is not valid. Why?

Our system is designed to accommodate unique email addresses. The system remembers every email address that is used during the registration process. If you need to register again for some reason – you change jobs or move from one ministry affiliation to another, for example – you will need to use an alternate email address.

Why and how would we change our Account information?

You are required to update your Account annually at the end of your fiscal year and/or whenever material changes related to staffing, programming, or finances occur in your organization. The updated ministry account is required for you to continue to receive free training and to be eligible to be invited to apply for a grant.

Why do you require the use of online accounts in interacting with ministries?

You are required to enter information once then it’s a matter of updating that information annually to continue to receive the benefits which MIF offers. Our goal is to transform and grow ministries through capacity building including the effective use of online tools and practices which are standard in today’s non-profit and business sectors. More and more foundations communicate online and are moving towards online grant applications.
Additionally, there is an added benefit to your ministry - You only have to submit the ministry profile once, rather than send us all this data with every request. If you are invited to apply for a grant, this makes subsequent grants very simple to request. In just a few clicks, we have your request, and because we are staying connected throughout the year, its’ easier and faster to make grant decisions and apply the right training plans.


What is the deadline for registering for a training event?

Unless otherwise specified, you may register for an event up to the day of the event itself. There is a chance that printed materials may not be available for late registrants. If that’s the case, you may arrange to get materials from your Area Director after the workshop.

What makes your training different from others?

The transformational giving model. We believe a strong commitment to donor discipleship is the only way a ministry can experience sustained growth and maximum Kingdom Impact.

Do you charge for the workshops or labs?

No! All of these training events are offered at no charge thanks to the graciousness of our donors. All we ask is that you create an account for your ministry with us by answering a few simple questions so we know who you are.

How many training workshops can I attend?

Our workshops are free. You may attend as many as are useful for you to understand the topic and implement the training in your organization. Our hope is that you will also bring others - co-worker, board members, and even donors and volunteers who are championing your cause.

Who can come to the trainings?

The staffs of nonprofits and churches, board members, donors, and volunteers are welcome. Advance online registration and demonstrated affiliation with a nonprofit are required.

How do I register someone for a workshop if they aren’t on my contact list?

It is quite easy to add someone to your ministry contact list and then register them to attend a workshop. Just login to your profile, then go to your ministry contacts and add a new contact. You can even set the level of access they have to your Ministry Account; some people you may want to restrict to only seeing events, while others need to have access to contribute key information to your profile. Either way, adding people and granting access is easy to do.

What topics are taught at the training events?

Comprehensive, practical training is provided on a wide range of fundraising topics in workshops and webinars as part of a two-year curriculum:

  • Transformational Giving
  • Direct mail
  • E-Fundraising
  • House Parties
  • Major Donors
  • Donor Renewal
  • Marketing Your Ministry
  • Planned Giving
  • Middle Donors
  • Grant Writing
  • Capital Campaigns
  • Thanking the Donor
  • Fundraising Banquets
  • Strategic Planning
  • Gifts in Kind
  • Donor Databases
  • Board Governance

Do you offer other training events?

Yes! We do longer full-day events on key topics like Transformational Giving, Board Governance and Special Events.


How can I apply for a grant?

Matching cash grants are available by invitation only. Invitations to apply are extended to ministries who meet specific criteria and who have attended a minimum of one workshop and one follow-up phone consultation.

What kind of grants do you give and how long does it take from start to finish?

Mission Increase Foundation provides matching cash grants for capacity building activities, such as the hiring of development staff or the improvement of existing fundraising programs. Grant applications are considered within three months of submission. Organizations that are invited to apply for a matching grant may be eligible for a grant each year, up to three years maximum.

What are the criteria for receiving an invitation to apply for a grant?

  • You must be a registered 501(c)3 organization, residing in the U.S., and in operation for at least two years. Churches and ministries under the 501(c)3 umbrella of a church do not qualify.
  • You must be a Christian ministry that practices direct evangelism and serves the poor or other populations at risk.
  • You must have an annual budget over $100,000 and under $2 million.

What are the steps in the grant process?

  • Attend training events and engage in scheduled 1:1 consultations with your Area Director.
  • Put action steps from consultations into practice.
  • Receive an invitation to apply for a grant
  • Complete an online grant application which expands on information you provided in your Ministry Account. Your Area Director will support you in this process.
  • Complete a Site Visit with a Area Director
  • Wait for Board review
  • If approved, raise matching funds and receive monthly coaching over six month grant period
  • Complete grant report
  • Receive matching grant funds

Why do we have to update our profile each year?

Current and complete account information allows us to better serve ministries. Keeping your account information current helps us make grant decisions, assess training needs, tailor our training curriculum, guide phone consultations, and measure your growth.

Every time you request a new grant, you will be asked to review and update your account information. We also require all grantees to update their organizational profile annually, especially the financial information. Of course, you may go in at any time to attach new documents, change board members and staff information, or update any important information that may change throughout the year.

How do we update our profile if we have information that changes?

All ministries are able to login to their ministry account and update or change information on their account. You will need your login name and password. Once you are in your organizational profile you can select any of the main categories and update the information as needed.

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