Planning Strategically for Kingdom Impact

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Planning Strategically for Kingdom Impact
Daily Decisions Guided by a Future-Focused Framework

Workshops are our quarterly community teaching event for ministries of all types. This workshop is the foundational material for this topic, and may take place online and/or in-person.

Strategic planning is critical to the long-term success of every nonprofit. Yet it’s often presented as something that can only be done by business school graduates or high-priced consultants. The truth is, good planning is not beyond the scope of your leadership. 

The methods you’ll learn in this workshop are both practical and biblical. It’s a simple, easy-to-implement framework for crafting a strategic plan that will become your blueprint for kingdom impact. 

You’ll leave this workshop prepared to: 

  • Practice strategic thinking  
  • Anchor your programs to your vision 
  • Develop a durable plan that can adapt to changing circumstances 
  • Use planning tools and templates that scale to fit your ministry 

This workshop is vital for board members, executive leaders, and anyone with influence on your strategic plan — whether you're developing a full-fledged strategic plan or just beginning to think and act strategically — register today!  You will receive an invitation in your reminder email to jump start your learning, so mark your calendars 2-3 days ahead of the workshop to spend 30 minutes on this valuable pre-learning exercise


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