Designing Effective Year-End Campaigns

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Designing Effective Year-End Campaigns
Layering Digital and Print Communications

Workshops are our quarterly community teaching event for ministries of all types. This workshop is the foundational material for this topic, and may take place online and/or in-person.
With nearly a third of annual giving occurring during the last month of the year, it’s no wonder nonprofits are asking how to both design and execute effective year-end campaigns. We spoke with leaders across the country who shared questions like:

  • How can we leverage digital platforms and social media?
  • How much do we communicate and how often?
  • Are there magic words that invite giving?  
  • What do we do with Giving Tuesday?  

This workshop will address those questions by leveraging year-round communication principles powerfully applied to year-end campaigns. Join us as we:

  • Uncover the importance of incorporating key messages into campaign communication
  • Study how to execute a layered digital and print campaign
  • Design a functional communication plan by working backwards from the finish date 
  • Unpack the power of a matching gift

Through time-tested strategies and real-world examples, you’ll leave with a practical plan that optimizes your reach, helps champions continue to grow in your cause and safeguards against your year-end communication either being quickly scrolled past or ending up in the trash.

This workshop will be helpful for executive directors, development or communications staff, and anyone involved in communicating with your champions and partners.  Register today!

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