Inspiring Acquisition Events Your Champions Can Host

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Inspiring Acquisition Events Your Champions Can Host
Inviting New Champions Through Peer to Peer Connections

Every strong and thriving nonprofit understands the importance of having a strategy for acquiring new champions. A sound acquisition strategy will include equipping champions to leverage their peer to peer connections to invite new champions. 
Givers say that one of the top reasons they give is because they’ve been asked by someone they know. MI's Inspiring Acquisition Events workshop will help you creatively design experiential micro-events and will teach you how to equip the champions you already have to reach the new champions you need. This workshop will help you reimagine acquisition within the current economic and social landscape in which we are living in, and help you integrate these micro-events into your fundraising plan. 
You will learn practical skills to:
  • Design champion-led events that are unique to your cause.
  • Find and coach enthusiastic micro-event hosts.
  • Develop a user-friendly micro-events toolkit.
  • Creatively integrate virtual components into your micro-events strategy.
This workshop will benefit your team and everyone involved in designing events and coaching your champions—register today.

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