Estate Gifts: The Most Overlooked Major Gift

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Estate Gifts: The Most Overlooked Major Gift
An Opportunity for Wealth and Worship

Estate and legacy gifts can sometimes feel unapproachable. Many leaders tell us they don’t know who to ask, how to ask, or how to receive estate gifts. However, avoiding legacy gifts not only limits resources for your organization, but it removes an opportunity for givers to make possibly their most worshipful gift.     

Experts predict that over the next decade, Generation X and Millennials will experience the largest transfer of wealth in history. Nearly $60 trillion to be specific. With careful thought and planning, this could have tremendous benefit for causes we all care about.   

Special guest, Mike Buwalda from Money for Ministry, will share key insights he and his team have learned to help your organization maximize estate gift potential using their proven 5 pillars of planned gift ministry growth:   

  • GOAL to keep you going. What is your God-given potential for estate gifts across your entire donor file?   
  • MESSAGE for the masses. How do you optimize your existing donor communication channels?   
  • INTERACTION with the interested. How do you surface people who would consider an estate gift to you?   
  • CONNECTION with the committed. How do you treat the people who have confirmed an estate gift to you?   
  • TRACTION with your team. How do you get the most results with minimal staff time?   

Don’t miss this opportunity learn how to steward your champions toward a legacy of generosity and worship. Register today! 

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