Ensuring Sustainable Generosity with Millennials

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Ensuring Sustainable Generosity with Millennials
Guest Speaker Dr. Kent Wessinger of Generational Forces

The life of your ministry depends on your ability to engage, attract, and retain millennials. Millennials are the benefactors of the greatest transfer of wealth in the history of humanity, highly engaged in lifting the local and global community, and view mentorship as “invaluable” to their success; yet Dr. Wessinger's post-crisis research reveals that 84% of church-attending millennials will not return to church in a post-crisis environment. Dr. Wessinger will utilize the over 35,000 voices in his research to equip attendees with three accurate realties and clearly defined steps for sustainable growth with millennials.   

#1: CLARITY - Are millennials a threat or opportunity to my sustainable growth? 
#2: ENGAGEMENT - What is required to effectively engage millennials?
#3: GENEROSITY - How can I fortify generosity with millennials?

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