Annual Fundraising Plans (Session 2)

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Annual Fundraising Plans (Session 2)
Create a flexible and functional plan that scales as you grow

A fundraising plan is how you raise the money you spend. It is often confused with a budget, which is how you spend the money you raise. Both documents work in conjunction with one another. You likely have a budget, but do you have a good fundraising plan?

A good fundraising plan will be tailor-made for the size and season of your organization; it must be scalable.  A good fundraising plan is only as good as its options; it must be agile. A good fundraising plan needs to be developed in cooperation with your team, including your board; it must be discerned. A good fundraising plan is one you can live with everyday; it must be functional.

This Mission Increase workshop will be offered as a unique 2-part series in your community, with the material divided in half between Session 1 and Session 2.  This workshop will help you look back and see the way forward, and will use our refreshed step-by-step toolkit to show you how to create a plan: 

  • Built on God's provision and embedded with an appreciation for the generosity of your champions
  • Using meaningful methods and measures
  • You can live with and work with year after year

Multiple time slots are offered for both Session 1 and Session 2.  Register today for one time slot for each session, as, ideally, participants will attend both sessions!  Please contact your Area Director personally if you need access to a recorded session or would like coaching on this subject of fundraising plans.

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