Increasing Sustainability Through a Dynamic Monthly Giving Program (Session 1 of 3)

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Increasing Sustainability Through a Dynamic Monthly Giving Program (Session 1 of 3)
Why, Who, and How?

A vibrant monthly giving program is essential to the long-term health and stability of your organization.  Monthly giving is good for the giver, the cause and the organization. Champions who give monthly are saying “We are with you! We are partners in our shared calling.” We know this intuitively, but the statistics validate our intuitions.

  • Monthly recurring donors have an 85-95% retention rate, compared to the average donor retention rate of 45%. 
  • Donors who set up recurring donations give 42% more annually, compared to one-time donations.
  • According to Network for Good recurring donors often become your most engaged supporters, actively volunteering, advocating, and fundraising on your behalf.

Monthly giving allows organizations to have sustainable capital to impact their cause and grow with champions being more poised to take the next step. But how do you build and sustain a vibrant monthly giving program?

This Mission Increase workshop will be offered as a unique 3-part series and will walk you through setting up or reinvigorating your own monthly giving program.  With practical resources and on-the-spot brainstorming, we’ll explore best practices and a simple process for building and growing your monthly giving program.  Through real-life examples, we’ll have lively discussions filled with new ideas you can apply immediately.

Session 1: Why, Who, and How?  You will leave this session understanding why a monthly giving program matters for the giver, for the organization and for the cause and you’ll be given certain tasks related to the name of your monthly giving program and monetizing your mission.

Session 2: Creating Community & Communication: This will include a time of review and feedback from Session 1. One of the most powerful aspects of a monthly giving program is creating a community of givers. You will leave this session tasked with creating a communication calendar (or adding to your existing one) for monthly giving.

Session 3: Launch! Time will be spent reviewing your communication plan for monthly giving, with the majority of the time spent on how to launch your monthly giving program.

Each session will be offered multiple times for the Michigan and Indianapolis communities.  Register today for Session 1 and for one time slot for each session, as we hope participants can attend 3 sessions!  Please contact your Area Director, Laurel, personally if you need access to a recorded session or would like coaching on this subject of monthly giving.

Session 1

Session 2

Session 3

August 5: 10am-11

August 12: 10am-11

August 19: 10am-11

August 6: 1pm-2

August 13: 1pm-2

August 20: 1pm-2

August 7: 10am-11

August 14: 10am-11

August 21: 10am-11


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