Next Steps to Building Your Monthly Giving Program with Dave Raley of Masterworks

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Next Steps to Building Your Monthly Giving Program with Dave Raley of Masterworks

A vibrant monthly giving program is essential to the long-term health and stability of any nonprofit organization. Recurring giving has been a part of the nonprofit fundraising mix for decades. But historically, very few nonprofits took advantage of this essential income stream. Today, thanks to changes in consumer and donor behavior, every single nonprofit can tap into the subscription culture to build a thriving and predictable recurring stream of donations. 

To leverage the recent cultural shifts, organizations need to create a new breed of sustainer program - one tailored to the realities of the changing world and the subscription economy.

In our most recent monthly giving workshop, we share that studies show:

  • Monthly recurring donors have an 85-95% retention rate, compared to the average donor retention rate of 45%.
  • Donors who set up recurring donations give 42% more annually, compared to one-time donations.

Dave Raley, a subject matter expert, will extend this conversation and provide direct application to help you build your monthly giving program and identify and invite the right champions to join your monthly giving community. 

This webinar is for executive directors, development or communications staff, and anyone involved in communicating with your champions and partners. Register today!




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