Growing Your Fundraising Dinner Strategy

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Growing Your Fundraising Dinner Strategy
Discussing the Lifecycle of Dinners with The Go Fund


After graduating college Luke Womack was desperate to play a part in God's global mandate to make disciples. Through an informal survey asking about 100 of his college peers if they were willing to enter long-term missions work among the unreached, Luke learned each one was prevented from going to the field due to student debt. The discovery of this profound barrier led to the establishment of The Go Fund in 2012. 

In spite of an unwavering commitment to The Go Fund’s God-given vision, Luke admitted he had no idea how to fund the vision. A providential Google search led him to the Mission Increase Fundraising Dinner Operations Manual. A subsequent $9.99 eBook investment has now led to $1.09 million dollars raised through fundraising dinners and more fruit than Luke or his champions ever imagined.  

In this webinar Luke will share the lifecycle of The Go Fund’s fundraising dinner strategy from beginning with their first event 2012. We will discuss: 

  • Events as a catalyzing mechanism for growth 
  • Tips to growing your dinners in size and scope 
  • The importance of a follow-up strategy 
  • Mistakes to avoid 

And, as a post-script, we will discuss how fundraising dinner strategies have been impacted by COVID-19. Register today for a fun and inspiring discussion of vision casting, fundraising and champion building.  


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