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Innovative Fundraising Dinners
A Fresh Perspective on a Time-Tested Model

“Five years ago, I had a big idea, little experience, and zero revenue. By God's grace, I stumbled upon this events manual and followed the model. Eleven major events later, with over $1 million in annual revenue, the results speak for themselves. This manual contains the primary strategy God provided to help us fund our ministry from the ground up.” Luke Womack, The Go Fund

Over the past two decades, Mission Increase’s Fundraising Dinner Operations Manual has helped thousands of leaders, just like Luke, to invite new champions, raise money, grow existing champions and build community through inspiring fundraising dinners.

We were poised to release a physical manual celebrating twenty years of helping ministries grow through fundraising events and, in this season of Covid-19, those plans came to a screeching halt, causing us to reflect on the relevance of teaching on this topic.

We've listened and learned during this time. And our conviction about the value of fundraising events has not wavered. So, whether you have a rescheduled event, a virtual fundraising event, or an event later this year, these new resources will be essential for planning an event that grows your champions and your impact.

The physical limitations you are experiencing “now” are not limiting your impact on the kingdom. You still serve in an organization that nourishes, heals, educates, restores, shares the gospel and improves communities daily. We believe in your work and offer you the 20th anniversary edition of the Mission Increase Fundraising Dinner Operations Manual and its companion site as our gifts to you.

With the updated manual as our guide this workshop will walk through a proven model for fundraising events that can be applied to both physical and virtual events. You will learn to:
  • Build and train a team of coordinators, table hosts and speakers
  • Create a narrative arc that culminates with a pointed invitation to join your movement
  • Incorporate experiential elements that reflect the unique character of your organization
  • Embed focused prayer throughout your event
  • Design a strategic follow-up plan that will leverage your effort long into the future
This workshop will help you create events, live and virtual, with an irresistible invitation for more people to engage in your work and experience the joy of generosity!

Register today for this workshop to learn how to turn your event into a catalyst for growth, and receive a copy of the new manual, while supplies last, and one offered per organization.


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