There Is Enough for Everyone

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There Is Enough for Everyone
Discussing God as a Generous Host with The Bible Project

According to The Bible Project, “If Jesus gave the ultimate gift of His own life for us, despite our selfishness and failure, then the only reasonable response is to extend that same loving gift to others. The story of Jesus has the potential to recreate us in the image of the generous God who loves to give abundantly.”

God wants you to experience His generosity. In a point in history where a scarcity mentally consumed our world, Jesus was sent to Earth to point people back to the abundant, providing God we read about in the Hebrew scriptures. Jesus not only teaches us how to trust in God’s provision, He demonstrated this generosity on the cross.

Today, we still find ourselves living in a world of “mine” and “not enough.” Birthed out of a lack of trust, a scarcity mentality leads to many other challenges. In what ways could embracing a God of abundance change the way we live?

In this webinar, Steve Atkinson, Executive Director, and Mike McDonald, Director of Strategic Partnerships, from The Bible Project will share stories of how they’ve experienced God’s generosity through the work of The Bible Project. We will discuss:

  • The making of Generosity, a new video from The Bible Project.
  • Mindsets of abundance and scarcity.
  • The Bible Project’s approach to crowdsourced fundraising.

Join us for a fun and encouraging discussion of God’s generosity, the scriptures and building a global community of patrons.  Register today!

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