Creating Communications that Inspire Champions to Listen and Act

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Creating Communications that Inspire Champions to Listen and Act
Communicating on Purpose and with Purpose

Do you know how to best tell your story and how to invite people to engage? Your voice can continue to inspire champions to act…to serve, to share and to give.

What types of communications are your champions excited to receive? What communication methods are effective in today’s digital age? We are all familiar with letters and emails that seem distracting, unclear, and at times burdensome. Clear intention and purpose in your communication pieces could be the solution to getting more champions involved in your cause. 

Your winning formula is: clarity of purpose, consistency of message and coordination of invitations. When all your communication pieces work together to deliver one clear message and invitation, your champions are more likely to respond.

In this workshop, you’ll learn how to:

  • Choose the right communication methods for your multi-generational audience
  • Build an annual communications calendar
  • Create communications that clearly articulate the change you’re seeking to make
  • Incorporate your ministry’s “personality” into your messaging

Come to the MI Communications workshop and begin developing messages that will inspire champions to act. Leaders, this workshop will benefit your whole team—register today!

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