Marketing Your Ministry: Inviting New Champions into A Story of Change

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Marketing Your Ministry: Inviting New Champions into A Story of Change

How do you equip and mobilize your champions to share your cause?

Does your marketing invite people to be part of the change you seek to make?  Does it inspire people to listen, care, and take action?   Effective marketing must call people to DO something – what does your ministry call others to do?

People may not realize it, but their stories of change can mobilize others to faithful action in building the Kingdom.  Equipping your current champions with tools to share these stories could be the invitation your next champion needs to connect to your cause!

In this Mission Increase workshop, we’ll discuss the significant role your champions play in acquiring new givers, expanding your reach, and multiplying your impact.

You’ll learn:

  • To develop and leverage Signature Participation Projects to engage new champions
  • New ideas to equip and mobilize your current champions to run their own campaigns and share the cause
  • How to serve as a "guide" to help your champions do their good in the world

You’ll leave with a biblical approach to marketing that “equips the saints for the work of ministry,” (Eph. 4:12) and next-step ideas for raising up new champions who will help to exponentially grow your ministry's impact. 

And don't come alone...invite executive directors, board members, development staff, volunteers and anyone who will be involved in the future work of your ministry. Register your team today!

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