Gospel Patrons and Cheerful Givers

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Gospel Patrons and Cheerful Givers
Building a Core of Generous Partners

“When God raises up people to proclaim the gospel, he also raises up patrons to support them. They have different gifts and different roles but are partners in the same mission.” – Gospel Patrons

John Rinehart, author of the books Gospel Patrons and Giving Together, researched giving and discovered that history is full of champions who God used to advance the gospel.  In 1979, director Paul Eshleman and producer John Heyman sought to produce a film about the gospel of Luke. Although they had the screenplay written, they still lacked funding; a couple named Bunker and Caroline Hunt chose to underwrite the project which led to the making of the “Jesus” film.  This film has been seen all over the world and, as a result, over 500 million people have put their faith in Jesus. People like Bunker and Caroline are “Gospel Patrons”, people who resource and come alongside others to help them proclaim the gospel.

In this webinar, John Rinehart will share stories of both historic and modern-day Gospel Patrons and provide action steps for developing Gospel Patrons in your midst. Rinehart outlines ten convictions about giving such as:

  • We need to talk honestly about giving.
  • Now is the time to learn about giving.
  • We learn to give by giving.
  • We need a team around us.

Join us and learn how to invite God’s people to become Gospel Patrons so they can help change the world! Register yourself and your team—including your givers—today.

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