Planning A Strong Year-End

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Planning A Strong Year-End
Finish Well and Generate Momentum for the New Year

The clock is ticking…but it’s not too late! Charity Navigator’s year-end giving survey found that, on average, the charities they surveyed receive 41% of their annual contributions in the last few weeks of the year.

What emphasis does your team put on year-end giving? Do you have a strategy to invite year-end giving or does December tend to be a time of scrambling and apprehension?   

In this webinar, Mission Increase Area Directors will dialogue about proven year-end strategies and share stories from the front lines.

Plan now to finish 2018 well and use year-end momentum to pivot toward an even stronger 2019. 

You’ll leave with:

  • Not-too-late tips and tools for engaging your champions in this critical season
  • Ideas for integrating champion engagement and appreciation in your year-end strategy
  • Fundraising examples from ministry leaders around the country

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