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Recruiting Board Members
Leveraging the 4 Phases of Board Recruitment

How do you find the right board members for your ministry?  What’s the right criteria? How do you equip them to successfully govern?

In this MIF webinar, board governance experts John Pearson and Mike Pate will guide you in the critical process of spiritually discerning the criteria for effective board members; where to find them; and how to thoughtfully recruit and inspire women and men for the sacred task of stewarding your ministry. The session will include:

  • Addressing all 4 phases of board recruitment: cultivation, recruitment, orientation, and engagement
  • Discerning appropriate board member qualifications and criteria (“The 6 D’s”)
  • Creating a board member orientation process that works
  • Engaging board members with “heavy lifting” decision-making and life-long learning

John and Mike bring valuable years of boardroom experience and savvy.  John Pearson is a board governance and management consultant at John Pearson Associates, Inc., San Clemente, Calif., and is the author of Mastering the Management Buckets: 20 Critical Competences for Leading Your Business or Nonprofit. He writes the Governance of Christ-Centered Organizations blog for ECFA, and is the publisher/editor of Your Weekly Staff Meeting eNews. He served 30 years as a ministry CEO, and is the editor and project coordinator for the ECFA Governance Toolbox Series.

Mike Pate serves as a board coach in the Murdock Trust Board Leadership & Development program and is the executive director of camping for Transformation Ministries, based in Southern California. He is board vice chair at Christian Community Credit Union.

Mike and John tag-team on projects occasionally and they are featured in the video for the ECFA Governance Toolbox Series No. 2: Balancing Board Roles: Understanding the 3 Board Hats: Governance, Volunteer, Participant.

You won’t want to miss a chance to learn from these two leaders with decades of board governance experience.  This would be a great webinar for your board to hear together. Register today!

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