Fundraising Dinner Operations Manual - Now Available Online and Print-on-Demand!

Dinner events do not need to be difficult to plan and implement. With a small group of volunteers who commit just a few hours of work to plan and recruit other helpers, you can have fun, inspirational and successful dinners. And now it just got easier.

We have made purchasing our Fundraising Dinner Operations Manual even easier and in a format that meets your needs – either electronically via your Kindle reader, or in print via Amazon’s print on demand services. Both versions offer the same practical, step-by-step information that has successfully helped organizations across the country turn their events into powerful fundraising events that move people from observers to active owners in the cause.

Amazon Kindle - $9.99 (includes free printable downloads of all the sample tools, checklists and forms in the manual.)
Amazon Print on Demand - $25

About the Manual

This manual is written for a simple purpose: to help your organization acquire new donors, raise funds effectively, and grow in your ability to accomplish your mission, all using practical, time tested methods. This manual applies to all fundraising events, but focuses on a specific fundraising dinner model that thousands of organizations have used to raise funds and acquire new donors.

What others have said

"The dinner was a resounding success! Two years ago we only raised $14,795 on our annual dinner. But with your model, this year we raised $118,375 and acquired 131 new donors. I think it’s time I learned to dream!”

J. Kevin Campbell,
Business Manager—Union Gospel Mission

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Icthus International struggled to acquire new donors and had little to no support from major donors. Icthus skeptically came to Mission Increase, unsure if anyone could help them raise needed funds.
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