Transformational giving is a collaboration between you and God in which He infuses your corporate and personal assets with His grace as you offer them in the way He asks to the people and purposes that He directs.

Mission Increase Foundation believes that a giving model based on a transformational giving philosophy has the power to transform both the giver and the recipient. Transformational giving - Biblical giving - focuses not on the recipient's bottom line, but on the giver themselves. Transformational giving offers more than the typical transactional donation; it provides a powerful tool to enable great giving that transforms the giver's heart. Transformational giving also transforms the hearts of the receiving ministry when they understand the Biblical call to serve and disciple those who give, not just ask them to give. Ultimately, this philosophy seeks to create a partnership that, through a proper understanding of Biblical priorities, impacts the entire community for Christ.

While transformational giving applies to a wide range of ministry development, there are ten principles we have identified which help serve as the foundation for all of our training workshops.


  • Principle 1:
    Every act of giving is first and foremost a statement about the faithfulness of God.
  • Principle 2:
    Transformational giving is based on the abundance and trustworthiness of God, not a theology of scarcity.
  • Principle 3:
    It is better to give than to receive.
  • Principle 4:
    Champions connect with organizations for the purpose of enhancing their mutual impact on the cause, not primarily for the purpose of funding organizations to impact the cause on their own.
  • Principle 5:
    Transformational Giving relationships between champions and organizations are primarily peer-level accountability relationships, not friendships or organizational support relationships.
  • Principle 6:
    The champion, not the organization, is called to be the primary means of advancing the cause within the champion's spheres of influence.
  • Principle 7:
    The relationship between champion and champion is as important as the relationship between champion and organization.
  • Principle 8:
    Giving is not the process but rather the result of the process of a champion being comprehensively coached to share the cause effectively within his or her sphere of influence.
  • Principle 9:
    Giving is learned, not latent in champions.
  • Principle 10:
    Champions connect with each other and with organizations not according to the amount of their giving but by the degree of comprehensive personal ownership they are exhibiting in the cause.



Mission Increase Foundation also works to achieve leveraged impact through donor partnerships. We partner with donors so they can bring this same type of granting and training to their community. We provide all of the resources including the training modules, grantee due-diligence processes and more, so local donors can achieve similar results through their giving and bring greater transformation to their communities.