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“I think the most profound lesson for us is to discover that fundraising is an act of discipleship just as other parts of our ministry are.”

The Safe Harbor Story

Grew 830% with MIF Help
Safe Harbor has four homes that help women heal from traumatic experiences like domestic violence, incarceration, and substance abuse. The ministry empowers these individuals with the skills for an improved quality of life. By partnering with MI Ohio, the ministry has experienced revenue growth of 830% over five years.

One Grant and the Tools for Growth
Safe Harbor, utilizing just one $5,000 grant and the teaching from MI Ohio focused on giver acquisition, raised more than $28,600 from one event, and more importantly, gained 69 new givers. As they continue to work with MI Ohio, Safe Harbor has seen other amazing results.

• Created multiple new income streams, becoming less dependent on a handful of significant givers.
• $55,869 – The average annual income before partnering with MI Ohio.
• $288,669 – The ministry’s 2014 annual income with help from MI Ohio.
• The ministry has increased major giver gifts and new giver involvement.
• The ministry is now serving more than seven times as many women.

“It isn’t fundraising anymore. My heart has been changed through relationships. I have no background in fundraising, but now I have the tools.”


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