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Interact with the following 3 lessons related to the topic of your organization’s key message and its connection to how new champions can participate in your work. Investing the time now to work through this module will help you be more prepared to explore how champions can participate with you in solving a problem.
  • Read a short introduction to key messages (1 minute)
  • Watch a video on key messages from Donald Miller and reflect on your nonprofit’s key message. (10 minutes)
  • Read a case study. Review PLUR Way Ministry’s key message as well as what that looks and feels like in real life. (5 minutes)
  • Brainstorm a list of what each element in your key message looks like in real life. (10 minutes)
This icon is an invitation to record your thoughts and reflections in response to the prompts provided in this fillable PDF form. Download this form and fill out digitally or print.

Key Message

A Key Message, (referred to as a One-Liner by Donald Miller), is a simple, yet memorable statement comprised of the problem your customers or clients face, the solution you offer and the outcome that happens when the solution is applied to the problem.

Take a few minutes to listen to Donald Miller unpack how to think about each component of a key message and then answer the following questions on your worksheet:

• How would you describe the problem your organization exists to solve?
• What is the solution your nonprofit brings to the problem?
• What is the outcome when the solution is applied to the problem?