Communicate with Purpose Resources


Biblical Language for the Cause


This collection shows the way several ministries connect their cause directly to Scripture.

Purposeful Connection to Key Message

Consider the following questions:

Where do you see their key message?
How is this communication building awareness and/or nurturing growth in the cause?

Purposeful Nurturing

View the following examples of nurturing communication from Jude 3, Water 4 and Mission of Hope and consider how this communication piece builds awareness and/or nurtures growth?

Jude 3

Water 4

Mission of Hope

Purposeful Calls-to-Action

Redwood Empire Food Bank provides a great example of including purposeful calls to action on the homepage of their website.

Purposeful Stories


This Faithful Friends videos corresponds with the Repurposing Stories tool.


Purposeful Branding


Purposeful Layering

These examples demonstrate the value of layering communication from your website outward.

Mission Multiply Guide: Communicate with Purpose, on Purpose
Helpful recommendations for common communication platforms.

Purposeful Segmentation

Screen Shot 2022-09-28 at 3.47.39 PM

This example demonstrates segmentation based on action steps taken on a website.

Purposeful Planning

Register for Group Coaching to create a communications plan and execution strategy.

Purposeful Frequency

Nonprofit Marketing Guide’s 2022 Nonprofit Communications Trends Report
Mission Increase does not have a formal partnership or relationship with Nonprofit Marketing Guide. We found this 2022 report to be very aligned with the Q3 Workshop content and wanted to share it with you for the purposes of research. Our referral to this report is not an affirmation or promotion of this company.



Additional Resources