Meet Scott Shaw

Area Director, Christian Camp and Conference Association

Mission Increase is partnering with Christian Camp and Conference Association to serve its members nationwide.

This partnership is designed as a unique community working to implement a biblical approach to fundraising and grow their ability to more fully-achieve their God-given mission to share the Gospel.

What do we want FOR Christian Camp and Conference Association partners as a result? An “overflowing in many expressions of thanks to God.” (2 Corinthians 9:12-NIV)

Funded by givers who care deeply about the missions of both Mission Increase and Christian Camp and Conference Association, MI CCCA is able to offer teaching, coaching and consulting all at no cost. Scott knows personally the calling and unique context of CCCA partner organizations. We invite you to join us!



Making Your Board an Accelerator for Growth

Boards that have a regular rhythm for cultivating and recruiting board members are more likely to accelerate the growth of the organization. Join us to improve and enrich your board experience by focusing on God-honoring governance, and leave this webinar with valuable insights, resources, and tools.

November 16 Anywhere, OR


How to Grow Effective and Faithful Boards

Great boards can be a gift to an organization when members understand their role and can offer their skills and lead with courage. With role clarity, healthy board composition, and invigorating communication, board service is a blessing to leaders and organizations. This workshop is designed for ministry board members and staff to attend together, to maximize this learning opportunity to grow an effective and faithful board.

November 3 Anywhere, AR
November 8 Anywhere, AR

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We're excited to share with you how being a part of the Mission Increase CCCA community can help your organization fulfill its God-given mission and increase Kingdom impact.