Who We Are

We are committed to teaching Christian nonprofits how to embrace and deploy a biblical approach to fundraising so that the nonprofit can fulfill their God-given mission resulting in communities and lives being transformed for Christ.

Mission Increase Staff

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Our Statement of Faith

All that we do at Mission Increase is rooted in our faith in Jesus Christ and our commitment to teach, coach and walk with nonprofit leaders through a biblical worldview. To read our full Statement of Faith, click here.

Mission Increase Board of Directors

Other Programs

Intercultural Competency Initiative

At Mission Increase we value intercultural competency. Intercultural competency reflects a deep understanding, respect and ability to effectively interact with all cultures. We want God’s people, from a variety of cultures, to grow in their understanding and capacity to grow their ministries so that they may reach all peoples for Jesus Christ.

Soul Care

Our ministry will only be as healthy as we are. Taking care of our souls matters to God; it’s the process whereby we do the work of RESTORING, PROTECTING, MAINTAINING, and GROWING our God given personal resources in service to Him and others. We seek to equip and support God’s people to care for their souls for a lifetime of effective and joyful life with God.

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