People talk about someone’s IQ or EQ – but what about an organization’s DMQ? What is your Disciplemaking Quotient?

Over 100 non-profit leaders gathered virtually last month to share disciplemaking challenges and opportunities in their ministry context – especially those ministries in the “compassion/mercy zone.” Where does disciplemaking fit in your organization’s priorities? It’s an often-used term, but an all-to-seldom implemented reality.

Click HERE to experience the recent Disciplemaking Call.

Next steps: Here is a simple ASSESSMENT that you and your colleagues can use to get the conversation started. My hope is that this exercise will be both convicting and encouraging; while we must do better, He wants to equip us to do it.

I want to hear from you! Let me know if you find this assessment useful. Anything you would add, remove or edit? Reach out to me at

In my next blog post we’ll discuss the connection between making disciples and connecting with congregations.