In recent years, the word ‘disciplemaking’ has become more common. I like the term; it’s externally focused, it’s forward moving. For me, it encompasses evangelism and discipleship – the full breadth of helping others (and ourselves) find identity and significance in a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. 

How do faith-based non-profits make disciples? I’d guestimate that about 2/3 of all faith-based non-profits are in the ‘compassion-mercy’ zone; healing, feeding, serving, etc. Is that disciplemaking? Is it part of disciplemaking? Is it supposed to lead to disciplemaking? If you’re a food pantry in your city, do you make disciples of those who receive food? Should you? What about making disciples of those who volunteer in your ministry? Do you have a disciplemaking responsibility to them?

Some compassion ministries wrestle with this dynamic; others do it naturally; still others don’t even bother. Where are you and your ministry in this disciplemaking conversation? Churches have an interest in this conversation as well; many congregants serve with non-profits. Is the non-profit a place where a congregant can develop their disciplemaking responsibility – i.e. make disciples? If so, that’s a gift that the non-profit provides to not only the individual, but to her/his congregation.

Join us on Thursday, June 29, 11:00 am Pacific Time for a disciplemaking conversation – in your context. 

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