Christians are known – or at least should be known – by their compassion and good works. We have the ultimate compassion example in Jesus! I would estimate that at least two-thirds of all faith-based non-profits around the world find themselves in the ‘compassion/mercy zone. Their organizations are platforms for healthcare, nutrition, housing, education, job-training and countless other causes. Hopefully, our compassion ministries lead people to a personal relationship with the compassionate Savior.

Serving others is not for the faint-hearted. It’s hard work. Compassion fatigue and burn-out is very real among church and non-profit leaders. Best practices rooted in robust theology are desperately needed. In my ongoing efforts to connect with ministry organizations and churches that are doing good work together, I was recently introduced to the True Charity Network. True Charity serves the local church by compiling easy-to-use guides highlighting best practices and trustworthy approaches to different types of ministry.  

Many of the nonprofit ministries we serve at Mission Increase are looking for content they can provide to church partners to help onboard, train, and inspire volunteers and givers. True Charity offers:

I heartily recommend these good people to you. Consider attending the Annual True Charity Summit April 26-28 in Springfield, Missouri. Mission Increase ministries have been offered a 10% discount. Use the Code: 23SummitMI to get 10% off your admission! Register here

May you be encouraged as you compassionately serve our broken world in the name of Jesus. Doing the right thing – the right way – at the right pace – with the right people and the right heart – whew – it’s not easy. But it’s so worth it. Mission Increase is here for you!